Aroy-D Coconut milk is an essential ingredient for Thai curry, soup, and sweets. Coconut milk is extracted from the squeezed grated flesh of the mature nut and is not the water from inside of the coconut (which is usually discarded). Young immature green coconuts are the source of sweet coconut water, which is for drinking.

Aroy-D Coconut milk can be used for making cakes, candies, cookies, ice cream, coconut jam, curries and other preparations where coconut milk is required.

Coconut milk and oil contain fat – but this is good, not bad fat. Coconut milk:
• lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), while promoting good cholesterol;
• boosts immunity;
• modulates metabolic functions;
• provides valuable fatty acids which most people in the West are lacking; and
• fights aging.

Aroy-D is nothing but pure 100% coconut milk. Chaokoh has added two ingredients in order to prevent separation.

This product is an original from Thailand.

In Thailand coconut milk is an inherent part of the citchen, but also european people love the unique taste of the tropical fruit.

Aroy-D is a large company manufacturing a wide variety of products. They produced a national advertising campaign promoting their status as the number one choice of chefs.

Coconut extract 70%, water, emulsifier: E435

Allergene– Nuts

Nutritional value 100 g

Energy (kJ) – 764 kJ

Energy (kcal) – 185 kcal

Fats – 19 g of which saturated fatty acids 17 g

Carbohydrates – 2 g of this sugar 2 g

Protein – 1.6 g

Salt – 0.05 g

Gewicht 0.265 kg


  • Economy: 3-5 Arbeitstage
  • Priorität: 2-3 Arbeitstage




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