TRS black pepper powder is ground from the finest black peppercorns.It has a rich aromatic,spicy flavour and picquant heat and is used for seasoning and flavouring, soups,vegetables,sauces,egg and cheese.

Black pepper is one spice that can be easily found in every kitchen. For centuries, it has been amongst the most valuable spices, and, known as ‘black gold’ had made its way quickly,through trade,in every corner of the world.It is the sixth most expensive spice in the world.

The black peppercorns are harvested when the fruit is half ripe. It is then dried in the sun, after which it shrivels up and changes its green colour to charcoal. The white peppers are formed when the berries turn ripe and are harvested, shelled, and dried in the sun.

Unlike many other spices which are naturally grown in many parts of the world, black pepper is only native to a small town in Southwest India, named Kerala.

Black pepper has a woody fragrance, and a dry, pungent, spicy taste. In the powdered form, it can cause sneezing if it is inhaled. Like cinnamon, black pepper retains its flavour best when it is in its shrivelled, berry form. The powdered form easily loses its flavour, even when stored in ideal dry and dark conditions.

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