Depot Yussuf Bush Mango Powder (Ogbono): A Nutritious and Flavorful Addition to Your Culinary Adventures

Depot Yussuf Bush Mango Powder, widely known as Ogbono, brings a unique touch to a variety of mango powder recipes. Sourced from the nutritious seeds of the African bush mango, this powder enriches dishes with its versatility and health benefits, making it a valuable ingredient in any kitchen.

Rich Flavor for Authentic Dishes

Firstly, we take great care in processing  Mango Powder to capture the bush mango seeds’ natural taste. This method imparts a distinctive nutty and sweet flavor, ideal for thickening soups and stews. Its authentic taste adds depth to various dishes, infusing them with traditional African flavors.

Nutritional Powerhouse for Health

Additionally, Ogbono offers a wealth of nutritional benefits. It’s rich in dietary fiber, enhancing digestion and gut health. It also contains beneficial fats and antioxidants, plus essential nutrients like calcium and potassium, all contributing to overall well-being and bone health.

Versatility in Cooking and More

Moreover, Depot Yussuf’s Ogbono powder is a versatile choice in the kitchen. It excels in traditional West African Ogbono soup and adapts well to innovative recipes. This powder also serves as an effective thickener and a vegan-friendly alternative to gelatin.

Easy to Use in Everyday Cooking

Besides, cooking with this mango powder is simple and convenient. It blends seamlessly into liquids and offers a long shelf life, ensuring its flavor and quality remain intact.

Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing

In addition, at Depot Yussuf, we prioritize responsible sourcing practices. We obtain our Ogbono powder from sustainably harvested bush mango seeds, supporting both environmental sustainability and local farming communities.


In summary, Depot Yussuf Bush Mango Powder (Ogbono) is an essential kitchen ingredient for its rich flavor and health benefits. Perfect for those exploring African cuisine or seeking nutritious additions to their meals, it offers a unique taste and wholesome goodness. Experience the versatile and healthful qualities of Ogbono in your cooking endeavors.

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