Annam Horse Gram (Kulthi dal) 1kg

Horse Gram – Annam with its excellent nutrient profile and plenty of antioxidants, protects you against kidney stones and gall stones and also prevents lifestyle disorders. Has the potential to fight hunger, anemia, growth retardation, maternal mortality, fetal and infant abnormalities of the malnourished population. Horse Gram – Annam, kulthi bean, hurali, Madras gram is a legume native to tropical southern Asia, commonly grown for horse feed and occasionally for human consumption and in Ayurvedic cuisine.  It is consumed as a whole seed, as sprouts, or as whole meal in India, popular in many parts of India. Medical uses of these legumes have been discussed.

The importance of Horse Gram – Annam was well recognised by the folk medicine as a potential therapeutic agent to treat kidney stones, urinary diseases, piles, common cold, throat infection, fever, lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels etc. Horse gram water was prescribed for treating jaundice.

  • Also known as Madras Gram, Hurali, Kollu, Ulavalu or Kulthi Bean.
  • Consumed as whole seeds, sprouted or cooked.
  • Used to prepare meals like Ulava Chaaru, Kollu Rasam or Kollu Sundal.
  • The best source of protein that you can include in your diet.
  • Full of dietary fibre but low in calories.
  • Rich in essential minerals such as Calcium,  Iron and Molybdenum.
  • Good source of Thiamine, Riboflavin and Niacin.
  • Widely used in Ayurvedic medicines.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan.

About Company :

Annam brand offers wide range of various Indian, sri Lankan food products. Its a unique brand from Transfood Wholesale (Germany), who are market leaders for indian, sri lankan and south east asian grocery products in Germany and Europe. Annam brand of food products are available across various categories starting from rice, lentils, pulses, whole spices, spices powder, snacks, frozen foods and many more. All products are imported directly from countries like india, sri lanka etc and sold in Germany and Europe for many retail indian grocery markets.

Brand Annam


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