Khalis Basmati Rice: An Authentic Indian Delight

Khalis Basmati Rice, sourced from the lush foothills of the Himalayas, brings the authentic flavors of India to your table. Celebrated for its unique aroma and subtle taste, this premium rice from IndiaSupermarkt is a staple in diverse culinary creations.

Why Choose Khalis Basmati?

  1. Authentic Quality: Sourced from Northern India’s finest rice farms.
  2. Aromatic Experience: Elevates meals with its alluring scent.

Versatile in Cooking

  • Wide Range of Recipes: Ideal for everything from simple steamed rice to elaborate biryanis.
  • Adds Elegance: Enhances both everyday and special meals.

Global Appeal of Basmati

  • Cultural Staple: A key ingredient in various international cuisines.
  • Healthy Option: Lower in arsenic, rich in essential minerals.

Easy Cooking and Buying

  • Simple Preparation: Achieve excellent results with straightforward cooking instructions.
  • Available: Purchase at IndiaSupermarkt.

Khalis Basmati Reis is not just a grain; it’s an essential part of a gastronomic adventure, bringing health, taste, and authenticity to your meals.

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Weight 5.2 kg

Shipping Charges

  • Economy: 3-5 working days
  • Priority: 2-3 working days




Up to 2Kg CHF8.50 CHF10.50
Up to 10Kg CHF11.50 CHF13.50
Up to 30Kg CHF20.50 CHF22.50
Up to 32Kg CHF29.00 CHF33.00
Up to 40Kg CHF32.00 CHF36.00
Up to 60kg CHF41.00 CHF45.00
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