Plantain Chips – Jungle Chilli – Samai 100% natural. 0 g trans fat. All natural. Plantains are a type of vegetable banana that have been a staple food of many tropical regions around the world for their nutritional value and delicious flavor. They are eaten steamed, cooked or as a snack. We rescued the traditional snack recipe of our ancestors to share with you some of the magic of our enchanted land. Our Plantain Chips come from small plantations in the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. They are handpicked, processes fresh and seasoned with Pacific sea salt; retaining all of their natural goodness. Product of Ecuador.

  • SPICY & TASTY: Plantains crisped to perfection with a touch of pacific sea salt & natural jungle chili, these chips are so delicious you’ll forget they’re healthy too! Spicy, but not too hot & with a crunch that will keep you reaching into the bag for more
  • NATURALLY GOOD: Our chips & crisps are minimally processed & cooked in small batches so that you get a high quality bag of naturally good chips every time. Gluten-free, & paleo friendly; whether plantain or cassava, spicy chili garlic or simple sea salt.
  • 100% NATURAL We use delicious, non-gmo crops of Andean vegetables and roots. Our healthy, Paleo Diet friendly, gluten free snacks are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings for crunch any day of the week (not just cheat day!)
  • AT SAMAI we handpick the freshest fruits & vegetables grown locally on small farms. We then crisp them to a golden crunch using only pure non-hydrogenated vegetable oil in small batches. They are seasoned with sea salt & natural spices. Nothing else.
  • SAMAI CHIPS ARE INCOMPARABLE: We stand behind our products; each & every bite of each & every chip. Compare our chips to Inka Chips, Maduritos Dulcecitos, Trader Joes, Artisan Tropic, Platayuc, Jackson’s Honest Chips, Lulu, Mariquitas, Seven Monkeys & see.


Ingredients: Plantains (70%), Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Palmolein), Sea Salt, Natural Spices, Citric Acid E330 as a Flavor Enhancer.

Keep in a cool dry place.

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