Niru’s samosa is a well-liked Indian snack that has captured people’s hearts all over the world with its delectable combination of tastes and textures. These golden, triangle pastries have many health advantages in addition to being a delectable treat. Let’s examine the components, advantages, and cultural importance of samosas.


A crisp, flaky pastry shell filled with a savoury mixture is the standard recipe for Niru’s samosas. The essential elements are:

1.Pastry Shell: Water, oil, wheat flour, and a small amount of salt are combined to make the outer pastry shell. It is rolled into thin sheets, kneaded into a workable dough, and then cut into triangles or rounds.

2.Filling: Traditionally, a variety of ingredients, including potatoes, peas, onions, and several hot spices, are used to make the filling. Various vegetables, lentils, or minced meat can be used as variations to create a wide variety of flavours.

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