The new NATURÍSIMO Seasoning is a combination of natural spices in pieces and iodized sea salt, which guarantees a homemade flavor, as only MAGGI® knows how to do it.


* Quick preparations.
* Express lunches.
* Simple and easy preparations.
* Preparations to share with the family.


Keep the product in a cool and dry place.

How to use

1) Add to taste, your Naturisimo seasoning to: rice, meat, broth, eggs, vegetables and / or beans.
2) You can apply it before or during the action of your preparations.
3) Consume before the date printed on the top of the container.


* For allergy sufferers it may contain: Gluten, soy, celery, fish, egg, milk, sulfite.
* Not suitable for people with hypertension, gluten and / or wheat starch restrictions.
* It already contains salt.

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