Introducing the SENEGAL TWIST LARGE by SuBlime Crochet, model br. 24 Col. 27. This product merges braid beauty with art. Designed for those who value intricate braids, it offers sophistication and ease. The SENEGAL TWIST LARGE is a testament to SuBlime Crochet’s commitment to craftsmanship and creativity. It’s ideal for enhancing your hairstyle with the elegance of Senegalese twists.

The SENEGAL TWIST LARGE in Col. 27 uses premium synthetic fibers. These fibers come in a vibrant shade that suits many skin tones. Each twist is detailed, natural, and lightweight. This ensures durability and wearer comfort, making it perfect for long wear.

Ease of installation is a standout feature of the SENEGAL TWIST LARGE. It suits both crochet braid experts and beginners. This product reduces styling time. Despite its simplicity, the result is a salon-quality, versatile, and lasting look.

The SENEGAL TWIST LARGE is versatile. It allows for various styles, from elegant updos to relaxed looks. Col. 27 adds a unique flair, ensuring you stand out.

In summary, the SENEGAL TWIST LARGE, SuBlime Crochet br. 24 Col. 27, is a blend of braid beauty and art. It offers a stylish, convenient choice for those seeking Senegalese twists. With its quality, comfort, and versatility, it’s a must-have for enhancing your style with uniqueness and charm.

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10", 16", 24"

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