Explore SENEGAL TWIST LARGE in Col. 1/39T

Introducing the SENEGAL TWIST LARGE by SuBlime Crochet in braid 24 Col. 1/39T. This product revolutionizes the way we think about braiding by offering an easy and stylish solution. It caters to those eager to try out various braid types effortlessly. The SENEGAL TWIST LARGE in this distinctive color blend stands as a testament to modern hairstyling, blending ease with elegance.

Quality Meets Comfort

High-quality synthetic fibers make up the SENEGAL TWIST LARGE. These fibers imitate the texture and resilience of natural hair beautifully. The Col. 1/39T variation enhances different skin tones, bringing out the wearer’s natural beauty. The design of each twist ensures seamless integration with your hair, offering a comfortable, lightweight fit. This approach not only prolongs the hairstyle’s lifespan but also maximizes comfort for all-day wear.

Simplified Installation

The SENEGAL TWIST LARGE’s installation impresses with its simplicity, appealing to both seasoned braid lovers and novices. The design significantly reduces styling time, leading to a quick and easy application process. This feature delivers a lasting, salon-quality look quickly and efficiently, making it both time-saving and cost-effective.

Creative Styling Freedom

The SENEGAL TWIST LARGE’s versatility opens up a world of styling possibilities. It accommodates various looks, from elegant updos to relaxed styles suitable for daily wear. The unique Col. 1/39T color mix ensures you make a statement with every outfit, inviting you to experiment with your personal style freely.

Conclusion: A Styling Essential

In conclusion, the SENEGAL TWIST LARGE in SuBlime braid 24 Col. 1 39T is the perfect choice for those looking for an easy, versatile braid option. It provides a stylish, convenient way to enjoy Senegalese twists, offering quality, comfort, and flexibility. This product is set to become a staple in your beauty collection, promising to enhance your look with its distinctive elegance and charm.

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10", 16", 24"


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