MDH Tandoori Barbeque Masala is a fine blend of different spices that is basically used to marinade authentic Tandoori dishes.

  • Adds rich colour and taste to tandoori style cuisines
  • Perfect for marination or barbeque chicken recipes
  • It is a blend spice for tandoori barbeque
  • Hygenic, Flavourful and tasty
  • Spicy


  • As this masala contains different spices like cumin, coriander etc it is very beneficial for providing good immunity for the body.
  • This masala also is good for blood sugar and heart problems.
  • By using this masala time consumption for barbeque is very less
  • Barbequing outdoor has become so easy with this ready mix masala of MDH.

Uses of Product

  • Tandoori masala is an important element for all tandoori cuisines of India.
  • This masala is used for the marinades of chicken, fish, or other vegetables.
  • This can also be added in the hot oil just before adding the main ingredients or after adding the main ingredients.
  • Generally, the marinade is prepared by mixing this masala with yoghurt.
  • Before grilling or baking in barbeque paneer cubes, chicken or other raw foods can be marinade easily.
  • For the preparation of Dip for any chips or snacks, you can dry roast the masala and mix it with mayonnaise.
  • The masala tastes delicious with potatoes and peppers.
  • Even this can be added to curries based tomatoes and cream

Ingredients : Coriander seeds, Cumin, Red Chillies, Dry Mango, Kachri, Iodised Salt, Fenugreek Leaves, Black Pepper, Garlic, Dried Ginger, Cassia, Cardamom Amomum, Nutmeg.

How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

Product Weight: 100 Grams (3.5 OZ)

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Weight 0.12 kg

Shipping Charges

  • Economy: 3-5 working days
  • Priority: 2-3 working days




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