Asahi Japanese beer in bottle – ASAHI SUPER DRY BOTTLE 330ML

Through an innovation in Japanese brewing techniques, Asahi Super Dry has a delicate, yet rich, full-flavoured body with a refreshing dry aftertaste. Asahi Beer is brewed using the best quality ingredients – yeast, malt, hops, maize & rice. With consumers’ preferences in mind, Asahi is designed to go perfectly with any meal while maintaining its refreshing quality. Asahi Beer no wonder it’s the preferred premium Japanese beer for consumers.

  • This distinctive dry taste is known as Karakuchi (dry).
  • A beer that would become Japan’s No.1 beer.
  • The beer for all seasons
  •  Refreshing, thirst-quenching and light, it is extremely pleasant to drink, especially at the end of a long, hot summer’s day.

Tasting Notes

  • Our exclusive yeast, carefully selected rice and the finest hops work together to create our signature Karakuchi taste. This dry, crisp taste allows greater appreciation of food and leaves you ready for the next sip

Type: Beer,

Alcohol: 5%

Dry/Sweet: Dry (5% alc./vol.)

 Ingredients: Asahi uses select grains and hops sourced worldwide based on strict criteria to maintain flavor consistency and promote sustainability. Barely with high starch content and both noble style bitter and fine aroma hops are key contributors to Super Dry’s smooth taste.

Note: Alcohol abuse can seriously damage your health. Drink with moderation.


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