Foco Guava Nectar: Tropical Bliss in a Can

Experience the tropical paradise with Foco’s Guava Nectar, a refreshing delight conveniently packaged in a 350ml can. Guava, with its distinctive pear-like shape, green outer skin, and pinkish-white flesh dotted with tiny seeds, offers a naturally invigorating flavor that comes to life when served chilled.

Each can of Foco’s Guava Nectar contains a generous 25% guava puree, blended with just the right amount of sugar and a touch of citric acid to enhance the tropical goodness. With every sip, you’ll be transported to the sun-kissed orchards of Thailand, where guavas flourish in abundance.

If you’re curious about agave nectar calories or wondering where to find guava nectar cans, look no further. Foco’s Guava Nectar caters to your thirst for tropical indulgence. It’s the perfect companion for those hot summer days, offering a burst of natural sweetness and a hint of tartness that awakens your taste buds.

Whether you enjoy it straight from the can, over ice, or as a mixer for your favorite cocktails, it provides versatility and convenience. It’s a delicious choice for those seeking a taste of the tropics without the need for preparation.

So, why wait? Elevate your beverage experience with Foco’s Guava Nectar. Explore the exotic world of guava and relish the tropical bliss that each sip brings. Whether you’re sipping it at home, at the beach, or anywhere in between, this nectar promises to quench your thirst for pure tropical refreshment.

In summary, It is your ticket to a tropical escape, offering the authentic taste of guava in a convenient can. Satisfy your cravings for tropical delight with this refreshing nectar.

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