Presenting the Godrej Nupur 100% Pure Henna, the ideal option for those looking for natural hair care products. This product, enhanced by the benefits of age-old Ayurvedic herbs, is a monument to Godrej’s superiority in beauty and wellness legacy.

Godrej Nupur Henna, renowned for its deep color and conditioning qualities, is the first choice for people who want lush locks with a hint of goodness from nature. Godrej Nupur Henna is free of dangerous ingredients, so your hair will receive a mild and nutritious treatment—a contrast to chemical-laden hair dyes.

Discover Godrej Nupur Henna’s flexibility in all of its forms:

  • Godrej henna powder: A specifically developed product that offers deep conditioning effects along with strong color. Equipped with organic components such as Amla, Brahmi, and Shikakai, this product not only gives your hair a striking black color but also fortifies and nourishes it from root to tip.
  • Godrej Henna Powder: A personalized hair care solution that lets you enjoy the healing benefits of henna while getting the shade of red that you want. Richly enriched with the benefits of nine priceless herbs, such as methi and aloe vera, this nourishing treatment gives your hair a natural gloss and encourages development.

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Weight n.a.

150g, 400g, 500g

Shipping Charges

  • Economy: 3-5 working days
  • Priority: 2-3 working days




Up to 2Kg CHF8.50 CHF10.50
Up to 10Kg CHF11.50 CHF13.50
Up to 30Kg CHF20.50 CHF22.50
Up to 32Kg CHF29.00 CHF33.00
Up to 40Kg CHF32.00 CHF36.00
Up to 60kg CHF41.00 CHF45.00
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