Haldiram’s Rasgulla is a classic Indian sweet that’s both delicious and memorable. These soft, spongy balls soaked in sweet syrup are a favorite for anyone who loves sweets. Haldiram’s makes sure the calorie content is balanced, making them a great treat. The taste of these rasgullas is a perfect mix of softness and sweetness.

Making these rasgullas, Haldiram’s uses quality chhena and semolina. They cook them in a light sugar syrup for the right sweetness. This makes each rasgulla soft and just sweet enough.

These rasgullas are great for many occasions. They work for festivals, celebrations, or just as a dessert. They are also good for a quick, sweet snack. People of all ages enjoy their texture and taste.

Haldiram’s packs these rasgullas in cans that keep them fresh. This means you can have a tasty dessert ready at any time.

In short, Haldiram’s Rasgulla is more than a sweet treat. It’s the right mix of taste and texture, without too many calories. It’s great for special moments or a quick snack. It adds joy and sweetness to any time.

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Weight 1.16 kg

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