Malabar Choice Spicy Andhra Muruku: A Crunchy Delight

Explore the world of hot and spicy nibbles with Malabar Choice. The ideal combination of crunch and flavor, spicy Andhra Muruku satisfies your tongue with the authentic flavor of Andhra. This treat, which blends real ingredients in a wonderful crunch, is perfect for snack enthusiasts.

Ingredients & Features

  • Rice Flour & Urad Dal: The base of this crispy snack, offering a perfect texture.
  • Chili & Spices: Carefully selected for that spicy kick, true to Andhra cuisine.
  • Butter: Adds a rich flavor, making each bite irresistibly tasty.
  • Sesame Seeds: A nutty addition for an extra layer of taste and crunch.

Enjoying Malabar Muruku

  1. Open a pack for an instant, flavorful snack.
  2. Perfect as a party snack or a tea-time companion.
  3. Store in an airtight container to keep the crunch.

Malabar Selection Spicy Andhra Muruku: Tailored to Your Taste

Though delicious on its own, feel free to pair Malabar Choice Spicy Andhra Muruku with dips or chutneys for a customized snack experience that caters to your flavor preferences.


Malabar Select Spicy Andhra Muruku is a snack that takes you to the core of Andhra’s culinary traditions while combining traditional ingredients and spices to create a unique flavor experience. Take a handful and start crunching!

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