Elevate Your Meals with MTR Lemon Rice

Presenting MTR Lemon Rice, a tasty concoction of spices that turns plain rice into a savory, tangy dish in an instant. This blend, which is ideal for people who enjoy the tart flavor of lemon with the simplicity of rice, is proof of how simple and fast it is to make a beloved South Indian dish..

Why Choose MTR Lemon Rice Mix?

  • Authentic Flavors: Crafted to capture the essence of traditional with it,brings authentic South Indian flavors to your table.
  • Convenience: Just add it to cooked rice for an instant, delicious meal or side dish.
  • Versatility: Beyond rice, use it to season salads or as a tangy marinade for a twist on your favorite recipes.

Key Ingredients

  • Turmeric: Adds a vibrant color and a warm, earthy aroma.
  • Lemon Powder: Offers the tangy zest that is the signature of lemon rice.
  • Mustard Seeds: Provide a slightly spicy and nutty flavor.
  • Green Chillies: Introduce a mild heat, balancing the tanginess of the lemon.

Simple Preparation Steps

  1. Cook your rice as usual and let it cool.
  2. Stir in it mix, ensuring even distribution.
  3. Serve with your choice of side dish for a complete, flavorful meal.


It offers a special blend of spices that will tantalize your taste buds, making it ideal for people looking for authentic flavor with little work.

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