Niharti Tea Spice / Chai Masala 150g

Introducing Niharti Tea Spice / Chai Masala 150g. It’s a blend that turns your tea into a rich masala chai. Ideal for those looking to buy masala chai tea or cherish its rich tradition, our Chai Masala is essential. It allows you to make traditional masala chai recipes at home.

Crafted for Flavor

Our Chai Masala mixes spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black pepper. Each spice is chosen to make your chai warm, soothing, and full of flavor. This 150g pack offers an aromatic journey through the complex flavors of masala chai.

Easy Authentic Masala Chai

With our Chai Masala, making authentic masala chai at home is easy and enjoyable. Just a teaspoon can transform your tea into a masala chai masterpiece. You can follow traditional recipes or create your own.

Versatile Use

Our Chai Masala goes beyond tea. It can spice up oatmeal, baked goods, or savory dishes. Its versatility makes it a kitchen must-have.

Quality and Tradition

Niharti commits to blending tradition with quality. Our Tea Spice / Chai Masala comes from the finest ingredients. Each batch meets our high standards, offering authentic and rich flavors.

Transform Tea Time

Using Niharti Tea Spice / Chai Masala can make tea time special. It’s about enhancing flavor and creating memories over a warm cup of chai. It adds a distinctive touch to any occasion.

In summary, Niharti Tea Spice / Chai Masala 150g celebrates flavor and quality. It makes enjoying masala chai easy at home, inviting you to explore a world of taste. Whether for tea or recipes, our Chai Masala unlocks culinary delights.

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