Aji-No-Moto Umami Seasoning: Unleashing the Fifth Taste

Discover Aji-No-Moto Umami Seasoning Step into the world of enhanced flavors with Aji-No-Moto® Umami Seasoning, a game-changer in culinary experiences since 1909. Derived from corn glucose, this seasoning is a testament to the ingenuity of fermentation processes similar to those used in making yogurt, beer, and soy sauce.

The Essence of Umami Ajinomoto encapsulates the essence of Umami, internationally recognized as the fifth basic taste. It joins the ranks of sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, offering a unique depth and complexity to dishes.

Natural Fermentation Process

  • Made from corn glucose found in the heartland of America.
  • Utilizes a natural fermentation process akin to that in yogurt, beer, and soy sauce production.
  • Ensures a pure and authentic flavor profile.

Ajinomoto’s Role in Enhancing Flavors

  • Elevates the Umami taste in a variety of dishes.
  • Harmonizes well with a wide range of ingredients.
  • Adds a subtle yet profound depth to everyday meals.

Umami: The Quintessential Taste

  • Recognized globally by chefs and food researchers.
  • Umami is a pivotal component in creating balanced and rich flavors.
  • Ajinomoto brings this essential taste to home kitchens and professional settings alike.

Naturally Delicious Ingredients

  • Common in naturally savory foods like ripe tomatoes, broccoli, cheese, and mushrooms.
  • Ajinomoto shares the same natural taste elements, enhancing the intrinsic flavors of these foods.


  • Pure Corn Glucose: The sole ingredient, ensuring a natural and unadulterated taste.

Ajinomoto Umami Seasoning is not just a seasoning; it’s a culinary revolution that brings the profound and often elusive taste of Umami to the forefront of cooking. Its versatility and ability to enhance flavors make it an indispensable ingredient for any cooking enthusiast.

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