Inka Kola: A Taste of Peru

Inka Kola, often hailed as the Golden Kola, embodies the vibrant spirit of Peru. This unique soft drink stands out with its bright yellow hue and distinctively sweet, fruity flavor that has captivated tastes worldwide. Perfect for those seeking a refreshing alternative to traditional colas, Inka Kola is a celebration of Peruvian heritage and flavor.

What Makes Inka Kola Special?

  • Unique Flavor: A delightful blend of lemon verbena (hierba luisa) gives Inka Kola its signature taste, reminiscent of bubblegum and tropical fruits.
  • Versatile Pairing: Its sweet, refreshing taste complements a wide range of dishes, from spicy cuisines to savory snacks.
  • Cultural Icon: Beyond a beverage, representing Peru’s rich culture and history.

Key Ingredients

  • Carbonated water for that crisp, fizzy kick
  • High fructose corn syrup, delivering its sweet, irresistible flavor
  • Citric acid to balance the sweetness with a hint of tartness
  • Natural flavors, including the essential lemon verbena, for its distinctive taste
  • Caffeine, providing a gentle energy boost
  • Tartrazine (E102), responsible for its iconic golden color


It’s goes beyond being just a soda; it’s a taste of Peruvian joy and tradition. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a complement to your favorite meal, it’s invites you to experience its unparalleled flavor, making every sip a celebration.

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