Experience the Heat of Thailand

Kongsem Chilli in Oil is a dynamic and flavorful seasoning that turns ordinary meals into remarkable culinary journeys. It captures the fiery essence of Thailand, making it perfect for anyone who loves a spicy touch in their food. This chilli oil blends quality chillies to achieve an ideal balance of flavor and heat.

Bold Flavors in Every Drop

At the heart of Kongsem Chilli in Oil lies a rich blend of premium oil and chilli flakes. The infusion process allows the oil to soak up the intense heat and striking color of the chillies, creating a visually appealing and incredibly spicy product. Whether drizzled over pizza, mixed into noodles, or used as a dip, this chilli oil adds depth and excitement to any dish.

Create Your Own Chilli Oil

Home chefs eager to experiment will find making their own chilli oil recipe rewarding. Start with a neutral oil base, add chilli flakes, and consider incorporating garlic or other spices. Kongsem Chilli in Oil sets a standard of excellence and flavor intensity, enhancing your homemade recipes.

A Gateway to Thai Flavors

Kongsem Chilli in Oil is more than a condiment; it’s a gateway to the rich, enticing flavors of Thai cuisine. Whether used in cooking or as a finishing oil, it ensures every meal is memorable. Dive into a world of spicy delights with Kongsem Chilli in Oil, where every drop is a taste of Thailand’s finest.

Applications of Kongsem Chilli in Oil:

  • Drizzling over pizza for added spice
  • Mixing into noodles for a fiery flavor
  • Using as a dip to enhance appetizers
  • Stirring into sauces for extra heat

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