Savor the Royal Delight: MTR Navratan Korma

Experience the grandeur of MTR Navratan Korma, a delectable concoction that elevates the flavors of Indian royal cuisine to your dining table. This ready-to-eat treat uses a range of ingredients to represent the richness of nine diamonds (navratan), all while maintaining flavor.

Key Highlights:

  • Rich Blend of Ingredients: Featuring a luxurious mix of vegetables, fruits, and nuts, including carrots, peas, potatoes, pineapple, and cashews, enveloped in a creamy, aromatic sauce.
  • Authentic Taste: MTR Navratan Korma captures the essence of traditional Indian korma, offering a velvety texture and a symphony of flavors.
  • Ease of Preparation: Designed for the modern, busy lifestyle, it brings gourmet Indian cuisine to your kitchen in minutes, simply heat and serve.

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Warm it in a pan or microwave.
  2. Pour over rice or accompany with bread.
  3. Relish the rich taste of Navratan Korma.


It promises an opulent yet easily approachable gastronomic trip with its full ingredients and genuine flavors.

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