The SENEGAL TWIST LARGE by SuBlime Crochet, model br. 24 Col. 1, revolutionizes hair fashion. It combines classic braid styles with modern convenience. This elegant, easy-to-manage braid wig suits anyone seeking sophistication.

Natural Look

Its SuBlime Crochet br. 24 Col. 1 shade blends with various skin tones. This design focuses on simplicity and functionality. It meets modern aesthetic needs.

Quality Assurance

The SENEGAL TWIST LARGE uses premium synthetic fibers. These fibers look like real hair and resist tangling and shedding. Such quality ensures the wig’s longevity.

Comfort and Versatility

For Comfort: The wig is lightweight. Its crochet cap promotes air circulation, keeping the scalp cool.

For Style: It offers braid styles options. You can choose from elegant updos to relaxed styles. This flexibility allows for personal style expression.


The Crochet br. 24 Col. 1 stands out for its durability, comfort, and versatility. It appeals to both beginners and experts in crochet braids. This product highlights SuBlime Crochet’s commitment to innovative beauty solutions. It’s a valuable addition to any beauty collection, enhancing style and confidence.

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Weight n.a.

10", 16", 24"


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