Best known for the lion that graces the front of every bottle Singha beer is a premium larger brewed from the finest ingredients. With a 5% ABV It’s a 100% full bodied barley malt beer that is distinctly rich in taste with a strong hop character.

Bottled and brewed in Thailand Singha beer is the authentic Thai beer.  The highest quality hops in the world. The brew is golden yellow in color, full-bodied and rich in taste, with strong hops character.

Starting with a hint of sweetness its taste moves through to earthy and spicy flavours. This exceptional taste is combined with distinct floral, herbal and peppery aromas. It is very smooth and full bodied yet has an exciting carbonation and a clean finish.

Food Pairing:  This Premium Lager style beer is best paired with barbecue and Italian foods, in particular fish or pork and also goes great with earthy style cheeses such as Camembert and Fontina.

Note: Alcohol abuse can seriously damage your health. Drink with moderation.

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Product of Thailand.


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