Discover Steamed Wheat Flour

Embark on a journey with Steamed Wheat Flour for wholesome cooking and baking. This flour is a healthy option for your cooking area. Good-quality steamed wheat grains are used to make it. Perfect for people who want to eat healthily, it makes your food taste better.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Pure Steamed Wheat: High-quality grains are steamed to keep nutrients intact.
  • Rich in Fiber: It boosts digestive health and satiety.
  • Full of Vitamins and Minerals: Essential nutrients support well-being.

Why Choose This Flour?

  • Nutrient-Rich: Steaming boosts the flour’s health benefits.
  • Versatile: Use it for bread, pastries, and traditional rotis.
  • Digestion-Friendly: It’s easier to digest.
  • No Additives: You get a pure, wholesome product.

Cooking Made Simple

  1. Pick your recipe.
  2. Use this flour as a healthier option.
  3. Follow the recipe, enjoying improved nutrition and texture.

Customize Your Dishes

Use your imagination with it. To customize your meals for optimal health and flavor, including seeds or natural sweeteners.


 Steamed Wheat Flour is more than just a substitute for ordinary flour. It’s a step toward baking and cooking more healthfully, providing vitamins, fiber, and variety without compromising flavor.

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